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          If you are revising in a noisy environment, then listening to music 可以

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          Information to Candidates - Written examinations

          Information to Candidates - Coursework assessments

          Information to Candidates - Non-examination assessments

          Information to Candidates - On screen tests

          Information to Candidates - Social media

          Information to Candidates - Privacy Notice

          Advice on Revision Technique

          Taking Exams 'Guidance for Candidates'

          School Examinations Policies (including procedure for appeals relating to coursework and controlled assessments)

          Secretary of State announces changes to GCSEs (1 November 2013)

          Revision Drop In Sessions:

          When these are scheduled they will be listed here

          GCSEs and Emotional Health

          Exams are important, but so is your mental health.  These guides may help you maintain the right balance:

          Looking after yourself during GCSEs: 学生 指南

          Emotionally healthy approach to GCSEs: 父母

          Emotionally healthy approach to GCSEs: 教师

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